Welcome to SKYgames!

Like it says up there, Welcome to SKYgames! SKYgames is one of the best gaming sites in the world! You can play games, Chat with friends and listen to awesome tunes! Not enough? Well how about this... You can do all those things at the sametime! Thats right, SKYgames lets you chat with your friends, listen to music, and play a awesome game! Becuase were gamers, And gamers stick together! And in SKYgames, That is our policy of honor, Infact you guys are so awesome and important to us, We are giving you the chance to have your favorite games, Music and more on here (May not be added) On Ideas! Now i know what your thinking... "How much is this gonna cost me?" Well.. the answer to that question is NOTHING! Everything in SKYgames is FREE! If its you're first time here, i suggest you stick around and keep reading! So you can read to what SKYgames has to offer! Also please take a look at the SKYgames terms and conditions  ***Warning, Music may be inappropriate for some people*** Having trouble finding a game? Don't worry! Our Game Directory page can help out! 

                                                                                 About us

We are a gaming community that focuses mainly on gaming. With a simple click of a button you can connect with other gamers inside of Skygames and also connect with your friend Via Skygames. Skygames offers the best gaming experience around. We are constantly updating the site for your enjoyment. With over 100 games on the site, it's hard to get bored. Skygames lets you play a wide variety of games! In Skygames you can play a game, listen to music and chat with friends at the same time. A comment box is always located on the bottom of every game page so that you can share you're opinion on the game and hear other opinions from other players. We have many different types of games here in Skygames, such as Puzzle games, Multiplayer games, Online games and much more! The best part about Skygames is that we are 100% Virus free and totally safe for minors! We continue and always will make Skygames better. One game at a time. [Click HERE to know even more about us]

                                                                    Chatroom rules  

Below are some rules that you need to follow in the Skygames chatroom. If you don't respect these rules, you will be kicked or even banned from the chat by our Skygames moderators and administrators.

1. No spamming, Nuking or flooding the chatroom at anytime

2. Respect Chatroom administrators and moderators at all times

3. No advertising other team sites at anytime!

4. Cursing IS ALLOWED just don't over do it

If you see someone breaking these rules while there are no moderators or administrators online please tell a member of Skygames staff and we will bring him to justice.


The Skygames staff is our Moderators and Administrators of the chat. They help enforce the rules of the chat and represents Skygames. If you have any questions about the site feel free to ask our moderators and administrators online almost 24/7. They are always happy to help. 

                                               Thanks for coming! 

Well, It looks like thought you everything you need to know about SKYgames.. We thank you so much for stoping by and hope we see you very soon! If you have any other questions, You can always ask a moderator or administrator. Click HERE to know even more about Skygames. And be sure to be on the look out for those Skygames easter eggs!



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